Detailed Overview of Completed Construction Projects

Experience the Cutting-Edge Fuller Pile™ System - Your Ultimate Foundation Solution!

  • Engineered to perfection with state-of-the-art construction technologies, offering unrivaled safety and durability in challenging situations.
  • Successfully completed numerous projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility clients across the United States.
  • Witness our superior quality through shared load test results, demonstrating the power and reliability of the Fuller Pile™ System.
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The Fuller Pile System™
The Fuller Pile System™


Thrilling Achievement: Stabilizing an Operational Steel Mill!

  • No downtime for the client during the soil stabilization project.
  • Secured existing steel mill with a 35 x 35 pattern, capable of holding over 8 million pounds.
  • Construction carried out while the mill remained fully operational.
  • Implemented extra safety measures to protect staff working near superheated steel.

Nephron Pharmaceutical

Efficient Fuller Pile™ System Installation in Columbia, SC Pharmaceutical Plant:

  • Completed installation inside the plant without disrupting operations.
  • On-time delivery in tight and confined spaces, ensuring smooth execution.
The Fuller Pile System™
The Fuller Pile System™

Bennett Hofford

Fuller Pile™ System for Charleston's Historic Condominium Project:

  • Supplied pilings to Bennett Hofford's new condominium development in Charleston.
  • Seamless construction near occupied multi-million dollar homes, prioritizing residents' peace and comfort.


Fuller Pile™ System Triumphs at WTA Credit One Open Stadium Expansion:

  • Chosen over prestressed concrete and steel H piles, Fuller Pile™ System surpassed load test expectations.
  • Enabled faster foundation preparation, outpacing the original plan.
  • Uninterrupted national tennis tournament with installation only 100 yards away from the action.
  • Unique installation under existing bleachers for exceptional project flexibility.
The Fuller Pile System™

South City Partners

Thrilling High-Rise Construction Challenge:

  • Built a high-rise just 5 inches from neighboring structures, without disrupting adjacent occupants.
  • Our innovative pilings allowed installation on tight lot lines while meeting the 100-ton minimum requirement.


Exciting Foundation Choice for High-End Residential Structures:

  • Fuller Pile™ System: Preferred foundation at prestigious locations like Kiawah Island, SC.
  • Contractors and homeowners select it for optimal support, with outstanding resistance to high wind, flood, and seismic effects.
40 Ocean Course
Rigid Inclusion


Introducing the Fuller Pile™ System Rigid Inclusion System: 

  • Small and short piles installed on a 6 ft to 10 ft grid, serving as a cost-effective site improvement method.
  • Granular soil or stone placed on top of the piles under the footing or slab elements for load transfer.
  • Enables shallow foundations and typical slab construction, reducing the need for deep foundations or expensive site improvement methods.
  • Uniform pressure under foundation elements designed by the engineer of record for economical and reliable solutions.